Welcome to our online One Day Virtual Marriage Intensive called: Help! I’m Married!

There are so many things going on in our world today and it hits all of us differently. One area that has been hit hard is relationships… specifically marriages. While Autumn and I do not claim to be experts, we have gained some hard earned lessons and we would be honored to pass on to you. Maybe it will help you, through God’s grace, to navigate these difficult times. Feel free to comment, like, share, and subscribe to these videos on the YouTube channel. There are also discussion questions and action step ideas to facility discussion and growth.

We are praying for you. Don’t give up. God has not changed His mind about you!

Video One: Individual Wholeness

Discussion Question: How do you sometimes struggle to depend on your spouse to fill your needs rather than Christ?

Conversation Starter: Ask one another, “I admit that I have an unfair expectation in _____ area of our marriage.”

Action Step: What is one step you can take toward turning toward when you feel unfulfilled by your spouse?

Video Two: Communication- Building Trust

Discussion Question: What is the value of trust in a lasting relationship? What is the cost when trust is lost?

Conversation Starter: “When trust is lost, I feel…” and “When trust is to be earned again, a first step that means a lot to me is…”

Action Step: Take take and think about how you can show and give trust in your relationship. Make a plan on how you will protect the trust you have been given.

Video Three: Communication-Fighting Fair

Discussion Question: Do you think that there should be ground rules for conflict in marriage? Why or why not?

Conversation Starter: “When we have conflict, _______ is very important to me.”

Action Step: Write out a plan for how to interact when conflict happens.

Video Four: Communication-Rebuilding Trust

Discussion Question: How can trust be lost in your eyes?

Conversation Starter: “Have I ever lost trust with you? Do you still deal with pain from that event?”

Action Step: Have an honest conversation, giving the other a chance to fully discuss what they are feeling. Talk about a next step toward forgiveness and wholeness.

Video Five: Love and Respect

Discussion Question: What do you value more: love or respect?

Conversation Starter: “When you do _______ I feel loved.” “When you do _______ I feel respected.”

Action Step: Talk through times when you have felt the most loved and respected. Make a plan on how you will purposefully invest in your spouse before they need it.

Video Six: Friends and Boundaries

Discussion Question: When you watched this video, did you feel as though this is an area your relationship has overlooked?

Conversation Starter: “Do I have a friendship in my life that makes you feel uncomfortable?”

Action Step: Share all passwords and accounts with your spouse. Give them complete access.

Video Seven: What They Wish They Could Tell You

Discussion Question: Did you identify with any of the stories or thoughts in this video?

Conversation Starter: “What is one thing you wish you could tell me?”

Action Step: Write your spouse a letter. Share some deeper thoughts and hopes for them that is not normally expressed.

Video Eight: How To Lead And Be Led In Marriage

Discussion Question: Have you ever witnessed a healthy family relationship when it comes to leadership and shared authority?

Conversation Starter: “Do you feel like I help you lead?” “Do I lead well?”

Action Step: Talk through this topic and realize that it’s hard for everyone. Simple, small steps toward trust are vital but take time. What is the first step together?

Video Nine: How to Co-Parent

Discussion Question: Have you witnessed someone really do well at this? Talk it out. What did you like?

Conversation Starter: “You parent best when you…” “How can I parent better?”

Action Step: Talk through united guidelines on how to best raise your legacy.

Video Ten: How To Pray Together

Discussion Question: What is the best thing about praying together and what is the number one roadblock?

Conversation Starter: “I struggle to sometimes pray in front of you because…..” “I love hearing you pray for me because……”

Action Step: Give it a try. Set a timer for just 30 seconds and each take a turn praying for the other. Don’t worry about getting it right. Concentrate on asking God to bless your spouse.

Video Eleven: When I'm Not Okay

Discussion Question: Did anything come up when you watched this video? Talk about it.

Conversation Starter: “How can I best help you in the secret battles we all face?” “What are some warning signs I should watch for?”

Action Step: Take time to really talk this on out. Many times we don’t walk into this conversation without intentionality. Give yourself space to really dig in and grow closer.

Video Twelve: When To Seek Help

Discussion Question: Do you consider counseling a bad thing? Why or why not?

Conversation Starter: “The reason I would struggle to reach out for help is because…” “The reason I think we would need help would be if…”

Action Step: Just like changing the oil in your car, your relationship needs maintenance as well. Maybe it’s watching a YouTube video on marriage, doing a devotion, or sitting down with a Christian counselor. What next step do you need to take?